A creative and holistic approach to your mental health.

Creativity plays a vital part in maintaining healthy mental and emotional wellbeing.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy which helps to develop self-awareness, reduce anxiety, develop social skill and increase self-esteem.

Art is an alternative language.

Complex emotions such as sadness or anger sometimes cannot be expressed with words. Art acts as an alternative language, and helps people of all ages explore emotions, reduce stress, as well as resolve problems and conflicts. 

Sanctuary Art Therapy on the Gold Coast offers an emotional outlet by developing healthy and flexible strategies for clients to improve quality of life.  This is done by using techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, sand tray and colouring. 

Art therapy is not used to create a masterpiece, but to explore feelings and issues in our life through the creative process. This means neither previous artistic experience nor natural artistic ability is necessary for a successful session to take place.

It’s about connecting deeply within to find our personal meaning through our own unique expression. There is no right or wrong in art therapy.

Did you know you can apply to use Sanctuary Art Therapy through the NDIS?

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“I think the name says it all. The feeling Anneliese has created when you walk into her safe place is beautiful. Calm, serene and warm. Anneliese takes you through a journey, through art, in her own magical way, offering suggestions, providing a variety of art mediums, and the path to create and let the art flow from within.”

Lisa S.

“What a truly wonderful experience, Anneliese and the lovely setting in her art studio, made me feel comfortable, safe and at ease. And with her expert guidance through the weekly visual journaling, I could finally start to express myself, releasing some of my grief. I actually enjoyed the painting part so much, I now like to paint at home which I find very calming.”